Friday, September 9, 2011

Fancy Friday Love

Friday once again... and I do hope that your short work week flew by! Time itself is flying by and we have a busy month of September ahead of us... so I just know the whole month will whiz right past us. So, before time starts flying too quickly, let's reflect on the greatest bits of this past week...

I'm sure that none of you missed it - but how fabulous were the after shots of Amber's office, which she shared last Friday!? Adore it!

via amber interior design

A scrumptious banquette in a to-die-for kitchen, designed by Tobi Fairley and featured on House of Turquoise last Friday. This is the kind of house that makes me want to up and move (not that we could afford that right now...)

tobi fairley via house of turquoise

Shannon had the lighting installed behind the screen in their garage and it looks so fabulous! I think she needs to have a blogger get together at her place! Cocktails in her gorgeous new backyard (non alcoholic for the lady of the house of course)!? :)

via 8foot6

A dreamy cottage escape for the autumn months from Verdigris Vie...

via verdigris vie

I'm not too sure if it's the chairs, or the wall that makes me love this space, from a life's design, so much. Maybe it's just everything?

via a lifes design

I would gladly travel across country in this home away from home designed by Rachel Horn, and featured on 79 ideas

living-room-and-kitchen via 79 ideas

An adorable DIY bird mobile on Ohdeedoh - tutorial from Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business...


While in H&M last week, I spotted this jacket and it was lust at first sight. Would love it for this fall... but even a $70 jacket is not in the budget right now as we prepare for the bathroom reno. 


The always talented and lovely Rhiannon from Hey Gorgeous shared this pretty little DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier. She's so creative and executes these DIY's brilliantly! 


B's off to my brother's bachelor party this weekend so Halle and I will have some girl time... and family time! Only the first of many very busy September weekends for us! What do you have planned for this lovely September weekend?

ALSO - if you haven't already, make sure to enter my giveaway to win a copy of MyMemories Suite 2! The giveaway will close this Sunday and the winner will be announced on Monday morning! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love your picks, as always!! I adore Rhi's chandelier and of course love that room by Tobi! (: Have a great weekend, Kerry!

  2. That banquette is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for posting this! I've been looking for examples of the bench/chairs dining combo for soon-to-be-our house. We'll definitely have to scale down from the one shown in that picture but this is a great reference.

  3. I love the images you pick out. You've got such a good eye.

    And I'm not surprised you fell in love with that coat - it's yummy!!


  4. I SOOOO want to host a blogger party! With potluck treats and even potluck drinks because I am not up to doing the full hostess thing (Janice from LB@30,R agreed to co-host)'s the catch...My dear husband only wants bloggers that I KNOW to be invited...and I feel like that's, you know, 'the cool kids club'...I don't want to leave anyone out. (I have never been part of the cool kids club, but you know what I mean, right?)

    What would you do?

    We have a party of 8 tonight for dinner (weather is PERFECT!)...grilled veal chops with porcini mushroom rub (My husband's a grill-master!)

  5. Thanks for the recap. Those were fabulous highlights from the web. Loving the backyard lighting!


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