Friday, September 16, 2011

Fancy Friday Love

It's Friday once again, and this week just flew by over here. With Halle and I attending our first Mommy Connections class on Tuesday, me going back to class on Wednesday evening, and a trip out to my home town yesterday to catch up with another new Mommy that I went to high school with, it all seems a bit of a blur. Despite everything going on, I still found time to round up my favourites from this week...

Last Friday on a life's design, we got a look inside of a lovely lake house. Though every room was fabulous, I loved this idea in the kitchen. Pictures to cover cupboard doors!

Southern Living - Berard Home

This post, from Erin on Monday, got me positively giddy. A pretty girl-ified trailer, with not a single detail missed! Love it... and tell me if I'm crazy, but wouldn't it be so fun to re-do an old trailer like this to transform it into a little girls hang out? (Tucked safely into a backyard of course).

via house of turquoise5

Another great idea straight from Kate. DIY Cutting Boards... beautiful and a great gift option!

via centsational girl

A gorgeous room designed by Christina Sullivan Roughan of Roughan Interior Design, featured on theLENNOXX on Wednesday! Love!

Roughan Interior Design via theLENNOXX

Want to do a little something different for your wedding invites? How about these laser etched, wooden invites that were featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper this week?

via oh so beautiful paper

Can I please have this kitchen, that was on bliss blog, earlier this week? So cozy looking, don't you think?

via bliss blog

Well, another weekend is upon us and I must say I am extremely excited and a little nervous about what lay ahead. Tomorrow I'm off to a bachelorette party... over night... in Niagara Falls. So, for the first time since baby girl was born 8 weeks ago... I will be away from her over night. So I'm thrilled at the chance of being able to get away and enjoying a fabulous wine tour, yummy food and a fun night out with some great girls, but I'm nervous about leaving my Halle babe. I know B will be great with her, as long as she can be okay being away from me until Sunday morning. Wednesday night while I was at class did not go well. She spent 3.5 hours crying and refusing to take a bottle (which we have indeed mastered, she was just being fussy). Wish us luck... and don't forget to enjoy your weekend as well! Catch up with all of you lovelies on Monday!

Oh, and if you happened to miss my late post yesterday, please stop by and take a read! I'm looking for your help with my first assignment in my business practices course! A big huge thanks to those who have already taken the time to comment. Your feedback is so helpful... and beyond kind! I appreciate all of your help!


  1. Funny my baby boy did the same thing to my husband the 1st night I attended my interior design courses. He was also 8 weeks old at the time. Just know that it does get easier. Halle and B will find their own special rhythm. My son is almost 2 yrs. old now (the end of next month) and he and my husband now do just fine while I am away in class. I stumbled across your blog while reading HiSugarplum! and got completely hooked. I love your blog and your style!

  2. love that amazing living room!! hope you had fun at the bachelorette party! and that lil miss was a good girl:)


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