Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Week Later...

... I decided I would make a quick post with a few photos from Halloween. Last Wednesday was Halle's second Halloween. It was also the first time she experienced trick-or-treating.


We brought her around to about 4 houses in our neighbourhood, and the lovely couple next door was even sweet enough to get her some very special treats that were appropriate for her to eat, and let me tell you, she loved them!


I think I could dress her in that elephant costume ever single day. When she walked the little tail in the back would wag back and forth and it was seriously cuteness overload. We were lucky that B got her to leave the little hood on for trick-or-treating, and these few photos - she really hated it. Bonus that it was a nice warm Carter's costume that we snagged for $12 at Costco back in August.


Ah, she's getting so big, and I'm loving every single second of watching her grow. She makes me laugh every day, and she is just the sweetest. She seems to have endless hugs, cuddles and kisses... especially for her Mama.

I'm slowly catching up on blogs, and may reach everyone's Halloween posts by Valentine's Day. Between my Etsy shop, and all of the fun stuff Halle and I get up to these days... there isn't a whole lot of time for blog reading... I'm lucky I find time to throw some posts like this together...


  1. Halle is super duper adorable in that elephant costume!

  2. Love the costume. I snagged similar ones at loblaws and i'm pretty sure the girls would wear them every day if we let them. Missed the post about your etsy shop. Just stopped by and I love it!

  3. She is doll!! I love that costume, I think babies should always be allowed to dress up in a cute costume :)

  4. Aww, she looks so stinkin' cute in that elephant costume!!

    Oh where did you find that little dolly of hers??

  5. What a cutie! So fun when they can walk and trick or treat :)


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