Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Superbowl Party Planning

This coming Sunday is Superbowl Sunday. We love the Superbowl (even if our Pats got knocked out by Flacco and his Ravens). It gives us a chance to host a party, see friends and eat a ton of delicious food. I've been saving tons of ideas for our annual party on Pinterest, but have never put any of them to use. WELL, this was the year. I picked out a few inexpensive DIY's that I planned on putting together and sharing with you today. However, this week has been a little nuts and I haven't quite got to the "assembly" part of my DIY plans. Instead, today I will just share my inspiration for you.

I don't want to go too overboard and make it looked like a football themed birthday party or something, but I thought it would be fun to do a few things. Here's what I am thinking.

Superbowl Tablecloth

This transformed island from A Night Owl Blog is so cute! I love the bunting too, but I think for this party, I'll stick to transforming just the top of the table. Last weekend while running errands we picked up a green table cloth and some white tape to do this exact project. I'm so excited to tackle it and see it in place this weekend.

football utensil holders

The past few times we've had guests over for a "party", I've had a hard time finding something to put our plastic utensils in. I've usually just ended up putting them into some plastic cups and calling it a day. Then I saw this cute idea to repurpose some tin cans, from Rust & Sunshine, and thought, I CAN DO THAT! So, I will try!

football brownies

Football Brownies? Who doesn't want some of those? I just need to take some time today to hunt down a cutter for them... I assume Michael's may be my best bet. Any other suggestions?


On the savoury side, I decided to make some mini cornbread muffins to go with the Chilli that B is making. We love cornbread, and I may make mine as the cheddar jalapeƱo cornbread that we are so fond of.

These are just a few small ideas I have for this coming Sunday. If I'm lucky (and have time) I may put together a few more things before the big day... but we'll see how everything goes. 

Anyone else out there hosting a Superbowl Party? What do you have planned for food & entertainment for your guests? Who are you cheering for? I'd love to hear your plans!


  1. I love those ideas! They're so easy to execute and add that little creative touch to get everyone in the spirit! I just forwarded this post onto my Patriots-loving friend... and loves it too :)

  2. That transformed island is seriously cool!

  3. I'm a huge Ravens fan, so I was pretty thrilled that my boys knocked your Pats out of it :) We're hosting a Super Bowl party too - we've had two viewing parties so far for the playoffs, and it's been a ton of work, so this time we're ordering the main stuff (pizza, wings) having friends bring some stuff, and I'm supplying the Pioneer Woman's spinach dip (amazing!), chips, and desserts. I'm planning to do football brownies too, as well as chocolate dipped strawberries with football laces on them.


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