Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Post I Hoped I Never Had to Write

I had another post all written out to go up today. A post about a rut I was in, and a lot of other stuff that almost seems petty right now.

Yesterday our house was broken into. Halle and I were out for a dinner play date with friends, and it seems that B came home not long after the guy started going through our bedroom. He made off with some stuff, but to be honest, the most important (read sentimental & can't be replaced) things are still here.

At the moment, I'm still trying to process how I feel. There is a lot running through me, and I'll say that B and I have a lot of work ahead of us to do a better job of taking an inventory of what we have, and putting our valuables in a much safer place. 

I'd had a lack of content to share before now, but I guess inspiration strikes in strange ways. Watch in the future for some tips on how to keep you, your family and your most personal possessions safe from intruders.

One of my biggest fears was realized when this happened, but I know it could've been so much worse, and I'm feeling so thankful for what we DO have. Have you been through something like this before? Any tips on how you keep your family, home and possessions safe?


  1. Oh Kerry, I am so sorry to hear this, I can't imagine how you are feeling right now. I guess just be thankful that nobody got physically hurt, and you still have your most sentimental & important items.

    One thing my sister and I do is back-up our computers onto DVD's (including pictures, files, etc) and give eachother a copy to keep at eachothers houses. That way if anything ever happens (fire, theft, etc) we still have files that are very important - like pictures in particular.

    Hope you, Halle & B can move past this, but I know it might take a while for you to trust leaving your house again.

    *hugs xxo*

  2. Oh no!! That is awful! My house was broken into when I was in undergrad. They stole a watch my sister gave me and my VCR. With my "Save the Last Dance" tape in it ;-). Shows my age, I know.

    My car has also been broken into twice. It feels awful and I felt violated for ages. Totally normal.

    Take care! I know it could have been worse but it still sucks as is n

  3. Oh Kerry that is the worst. A couple years back our house was broken into while we were on vacation, unfortunately our friend that was looking after the house and the cats was the one that had to find it that way. But the bright side was the cats were still in the house (shaken up but fine), and from it we have definitely learnt to remember to do things like close our windows all the way. You will start feeling a little less uneasy soon.

    Stay safe. Sending my love.

  4. That is really unnerving, but in these situations I would say thank goodness you and the girl weren't at home alone at the time! Thanks for sharing.

  5. this makes me so angry at people, and of course sorry about how you feel/what you lost. when we moved in with my stepfather (many years ago) the house was robbed, and they stole my grandmother's jewelry that my mom had, which would have been mine. it isn't the jewelry, of course, but the sentimental value. i started hiding things all over the place, but then couldn't remember. now we have a safe, but that's nothing for tvs, etc. i look forward to any tips you my have!

  6. i'm so sorry this happened to you guys. our house was broken into a little less than a year ago (last spring). we were lucky that nothing sentimental got stolen, just an old laptop. thankfully our alarm went off before they could get to my jewelry (not that its expensive, but every piece has a history and meaning). thankfully also that i keep my jewelry in a very unconventional place! we ended up getting an additional motion detector for the 2nd floor.

    hope you guys are feeling better soon. it could happen to anyone.

  7. I'm so sorry Kerry :) My brother's house was broken into a few years ago and a lot of his wife's jewellery was stolen. They ended up having a door replaced (the door that they broke in through) and an alarm system installed. I think that feeling of being violated was the hardest part though. Thank you for sharing your story - it's a good reminder that we need to invest some time into backing up files and taking inventory of our belongings for insurance.

  8. So sorry to hear!! Our garage was broken into just last week - attached garage, and while we were sleeping inside the house. Feels so violating but like you, nothing important was taken and we're thankful more than anything. But it does change how you feel, especially about your home - looking twice before you go into the garage, triple checking locked doors, documenting valuables through photographs. Surprisingly, we've decided to install an alarm (as we have a new baby coming) but it was never something we thought we would do.

    So invasive, and leaves you on edge :( I'm all for "coping through organization" ha ha - gets all that nervous energy out and makes you feel more in control of things (even though it's almost impossible to be in control of something that is totally random)

  9. Oh no, that's terrible! I'm so sorry this happened to you! I've had my apartment broken into, and my parents' house (while I was in it). It's a terrible sense of violation. It does make you re-examine what is valuable to you, and it has made me realize that most of my possessions are not as important as I sometimes think they are.

    I hope you're able to feel safe and secure soon - it does take a little while to get over these things.

  10. So sorry to hear about this, Kerry. That's a really frightening experience to go through. I am so glad that you and your little one were away from the house when it happened and that no one was hurt. Thinking of you. xo

  11. oh, Kerry. My heart goes out to you and your family. I can't imagine what you are going through right now, it turns my stomach just thinking about it. Nobody should have to go through this. Thinking of you guys. xoxo

  12. One thing that I feel is always a good insurance is not oversharing. I love following you on Instagram but it might be good to make things like that private or wait to post if you are out of the house. My grandmother was robbed on her 80th birthday and we had shared with her church and friends that she was going to be away for a party. This information was public and I think someone knew she was away. :( They ransacked the entire house and stole a lot of things that were sentimental (pennies with her children's birthdates) that weren't valuable. I'm so glad no one was hurt and I hope you feel better! We are also going to invest in an alarm system for our next house because I worry too.

  13. I'm so sorry this happened, its heartbreaking and makes you feel so violated. I'm so happy you and Halle weren't home when this happened. I've had my car broken into before, but not my home. My mom's house was recently broken into a few months back, and its really upsetting knowing someone was going though your personal belongings. Since the break-in my mom has installed a alarm and also got motion sensor lighting around the exterior of her house. It's helped her feel more at ease. I hope your doing ok...

  14. Hi, was robbed some years back while my husband and I were away - we had a friend coming by to feed the cats. Unfortunately we had left a note inside for him which told the thieves they had lots of time. They went through everything and took a lot, stopping for a few beers and sandwiches from our fridge as they did. Happily they didn't trash the place as some do.

    We felt so violated, but the only things I still miss? The family gifts, a few jewellery pieces etc. that can never be replaced.

    My tip is to take a video of your place and denote all valuables and expensive additions you might have recently invested in. Do not keep it at home, leave it at your office. That way if something like a robbery or fire or whatever should happen you have a catalogue of your stuff for insurance purposes.

  15. It's so so sad. I really feel for you guys, it's a terrible feeling to know that someone was in your space.

    My house was broken into twice when I was young (and we lived in a GOOD neighbourhood...but backed on to a park, so there was an easy getaway). My dad engraved tech items (like our walkmans) with the serial numbers so he could easily identify them if they were stolen, and to this day he takes photos of any valuable item (particularly jewellry) that enters the house. My mom had most of her jewellry stolen which was extremely difficult for her - you just can't have some stuff remade.

    Weirdly enough, someone got into our car overnight on Tuesday - when my husband got in on Wednesday he noticed the centre consol was flipped up and his sunglasses were missing...they were nice sunglasses, but easy to replace and no vandalism / damage to the car.

    Anyways - I understand how you feel but there is nothing I can say to make you feel better. Be happy that you are all safe and that they didn't make off with more. thoughts are with you guys xoxo

  16. Oh Kerry! I'm so sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, I know all too well how it feels to have your home invaded this way. We were robbed a little over a year ago and so much was lost, including my sense of security and safety! It is a terrible feeling to know someone has been into your home. They really made off with just about everything of value that we owned. The most terrible thing that was lost to us was my engagement and wedding rings. They were insured and replaced, but to me, they will never be the same. This was absolutely devastating for me.
    As far as advice goes, we got a security system and that's one thing I would absolutely recommend.
    Take care of each other! xo

  17. Kerry, that is just awful :( I'm glad everyone is safe and sound though. We were robbed when I was younger too, while we were away on holiday. They took all of my mum's heirloom jewelry that had been passed down to her from my great grandmother, which was devastating to her. After that we got an alarm system and one of those bars that goes on your sliding doors so that it can't be forced open (that's how they got in). The sense of violation is the worst. I can't imagine how your family is feeling. Take care


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